Soft Extract Liquifier (SEL)



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Soft Extract Liquifier (SEL) is the professional choice for extract dilution.

Soft Extract Liquifier (SEL) is the only extract liquifier comprised of natural terpenes natively present and found in cannabis, it converts winterized extracts into the perfect vape pen oil without separation. This natural, organic terpene solution is what you need in your production to boost your profit margin. It does not contain PG, VG, PEG, MCT, Coconut oil, Vitamin E Acetate or any other non-terpene ingredients. When looking to produce a higher quality product and increasing profits, look no further than Soft Extract Liquifier (SEL)

Soft Extract Liquifier (SEL) turns winterized extracts into the perfect flowing oil. Combines smoothly with Distilled and CO2 extracts without separation, there is no need of additives and emulsifiers.

  • Pleasant odor that minimally contributes to aroma and flavor in your product without affecting the other beneficial properties of your mix.
  • Liquefy your extract
  • Increase clarity


• This product contains terpenes which are present in cannabis
• 100% Organic terpenes which are present in Cannabis
• Non-GMO and Natural
• No PG
• No VG
• No PEG
• No MCT
• No Coconut Oil
• No Vitamin E Acetate
• No any other none terpene ingredients


Warm the extract until it is soft liquid (40°C)
Add up to 0.1g of Soft Extract Liquifier (SEL) per 1g of oil (no more than 10% of your total volume of distillate)
For additional flavor and effects, add (1-5% by total volume) of Canmed Terpene Profiles
Mix thoroughly with either a magnetic mixer, lab mixing tool, or other mixer
Cool to room temperature and check thickness by tilting the glass container and observing the oil flow

Storage Conditions Stable when stored in its original package, tightly sealed in a cool place below 15℃ (60℉) and dry location out of direct heat and light

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